We offer a huge variety of Sand Pit Cover colours

Made With Rainbow Shade z16

We have many sand pit cover colours to choose from. Our sand pit covers are made with using Rainbow Shade z16. It’s a lightweight durable commercial grade shade mesh fabric with proven results as a superior sand pit cover material. We use commercial-grade shade fabrics like the Rainbow Shade z16 because they are designed to stand up to constant UV exposure and hold their colour and structural integrity. The unique construction of the fabric means it is lightweight and easy to manuever while still being strong and long-lasting.

The Rainbow Shade z16 is also proven to experience the least shrinkage due to reactivity with UV rays compared to other fabrics with means we can calculate to include the shrinkage that naturally happens  to ensure your sandpit cover is future-proofed and will remain usable for much longer than other covers. 

Over 20 Sand Pit Cover Colours To Choose From

As the name suggests the Rainbow Shade z16 is available in a wide range of colours from neutral and modern to bright and fun. So whether you want a vibrant sand pit cover for a playground or a subtle addition to the backyard we have a colour to match the area.

Colours provide an idea and may vary on the final product.

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